It’s hard to do. You sit there in yourself, listening to the loudest voice of all. Words echo and reverberate around your mind, bouncing and locked inside your skull, trapped. You think that the scream will push them out and away but that only seems to let more in, filling you up like a balloon, […]

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Hard Times

The switch from one mood to the next comes as rapidly as a spasm in a muscle, pulling you in a direction you hadn’t prepared for, unable to fight it. The wrong side of the bed is the only side when the other side is blocked and barricaded, warm bodies creating a wall of mass […]

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We want to matter, don’t we? When we wake up, after the groggy feelings pass and we separate dream from reality, when we feel we matter, the days seem easier to face. They are easier to face. When the work we do, professional or not, makes a difference from one day to the next, then […]

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What next?

There are billions of people on this planet. Most of them will never know who you are. We look to the actors and the singers, the musicians and the movie types and we want the fame that they seem to achieve so easily. We never really believe them when they talk about the work that […]

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He stared at the coffee. How many cups was that now? Today, or in general? Let’s say a thousand. It felt like it should have been more. The smell never grew attractive. It simply was, disseminating in the air, rising and falling. Luke slipped a finger in the handle of the mug and lifted, feeling […]

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