I don’t believe in the existence of a mood as flat and serene as a pond at night. I don’t see how the ebb and flow of the tides don’t show us how our moods move in liquid state. We don’t stay in one place, we don’t exist solely in one moment, one mind. We […]

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What do I do?

It’s the most basic question. In this world where the days are currently endless, what do we do to make them meaningful? I see warnings of the end coming and when it does, having a life with meaning will be redundant. But until then – what do I do? The older we get, the safer […]

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For what?

Distraction. Anything else. Always something to do. See that film. Meet with a friend (more on that later). Running. Cycling. Growing. Slipping. I’m slowly coming to see this time as the only time I can express these thoughts in my head. I stop. I would write how boring that is. But how do you write […]

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